Puppy Care
It is very important to get your new puppy out as much as possible.  Puppies have a tendency to be unsure of things they've never seen or experienced.  Luckily your puppy has been raised around kids, other animals, and lots of noise.  After a few days of adjusting to your new home take you puppy out with you as often as possible. Studies have shown that early socialization is very important to a puppy's development.  Good places to go: schools, (they have already been to my children's school), car rides, shopping centers, parks, and obedience classes.  You do not want to frighten your puppy but introduce him to the world.  Socialization should be fun and positive.

House training
The key to housetraining is to be consistent.  After everytime a puppy eats, drinks, sleeps or plays he/she will need to go outside afterwards.  If the puppy is sniffing or squats inside say "no" in a firm voice and immediately carry him/her outside to the grass.  I usually say "go potty" when I put them down.  When they do go praise them.  After he/she goes outside take them back inside so they get the idea that outside is the correct place to use the bathroom.  If your puppy does make a mistake please don't scream, spank, or rub their nose in it.  Just a firm "no" and immediately carry them outside.  You can avoid accidents by taking them out often and praise them for a job well done.  This is the most important part of puppy care that you want to get correct.  Your puppy has been working on housetraining since they were weaned at 5 weeks of age.  They are on a schedule of eating/drinking and they going outside to the grass.
****When you leave your puppy alone they need to be confined to a small area or a crate.  This area or crate should be big enough for them to lie down comfortably in.  Dogs do not like to use the bathroom where they sleep.  When you return home the first thing you need to do is take the puppy out.
Basic Training
It is a good idea to put a collar on your puppy right away so he/she gets use to the idea of something around his/her neck.  Don't worry if he/she scratches at the new collar.  They will get use to it. 
Your puppy has been raised on Royal Canin Mini Puppy food.  It is not the most expensive nor the least expensive.  It has not had any problem due to recent recall issues.  This food should be offered 3 times a day along with fresh water.  Once you feed and water your puppy immediately take the puppy outside to relieve themselves.  After your puppy is about 3-4 months old you can cut the feedings to 2 times a day.  If you choose to change their food make sure you do it slowly mixing the new food in with the old for several weeks.  This is so they don't have any stomach problems switching foods.