Previous Litters
Blaze as a puppy
Blaze and Mason
Tootsie and Santa
Madison and previous litter
Elsie on the boat in Kentucky
Kai from Chloe's litter 4/16/06
Kai and Yuri at obedience graduation
Toby from Candi's litter 12/30/06
   Spot from Roxy's litter 9/24/06
This is Yogi from Reese's litter 12/17/06
This is Reese from Reese's litter 12/27/06.  She lives in Rhode Island.
This is Jack from Reese's litter 12/27/06  He lives in Connecticut
Onyx from Candi's litter 12/30/06  He live in Connecticut.
Kai's 1st Birthday
This is Dixie and Toby from Candi's 12/30/06 Litter
This is Dixie.
This is Dixie and Toby.
This is Charlie from Chloe's May 06 litter
This is Coco from Reese's 7/7/07 litter
This is Bailey from Reese's litter 7/7/07
This is Chole from Reese's litter 7/7/07
Blaze from Chloe's litter 2/17/05.  He lives with us in Florida.
Mia from Reese's 7/7/07 litter.  Kai's little sister
This is Bella with my 19 month old granddaughter Savannah
Bella from Reese 7/7/07 litter  She lives in Georgia.
This is Soca from Roxy's 8/5/07 litter.  Madison's gymnastics coach                    has her so I get to see him everyday!!!!
5 weeks old
Kai and Mia
This is CiCi from Chloe's litter May 16th, 2006
  Mia at the beach
  Kai and Mia after a long            day at the beach.
This is Moses from Reese's 12/27/06 litter
Moses meeting his
big brother.
This is Meeko from Roxy's 8/5/07 litter.
This is Grace from Roxy's 8/5/07 litter
Mia at Graduation
This is Kenzie from Abbie's 11/13/07 litter.  She lives in Massachusetts.
This is Izzy from Abbie's 11/13/07 litter.  He lives in Melborne, Fla.
Izzy with his new boys Bryan and Jeremy.
This is Chewy from Reese's Litter
This is Cooper and Chewy.
This is Kona from Abbies 11/13/07 litter.  She lives in Sarasota with Gail and Dan.
This is Brady from Abbies 11/13/07 litter.  He lives in Vero Beach.
Christmas Morning
Due to problems with Eukanuba I am switching to
Loyall Pet Foods  If you use this brand please save the UPC's off the bag for me please.