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Due to the prevalence of and the easily spread of Parviovirus at the advise of my vet we are no longer allowing visitors to our home to see puppies until they have had their 1st set of shots at around 7 weeks of age and the visitor has placed a deposit on a puppy. Parviovirus is transmitted through contact with infected fecal matter from an infected dog. It can be spread on clothing, hands, and even car tires. Parvo is very harmful and deadly to puppies under 1 year of age.

It is very irresponsible of us as breeders to allow people to come and interact with our puppies and possibly infect puppies that have been sold to other families. Puppies are kept in the nursery. Please understand this is for the health and safety of all of my dogs and puppies.

Expecting a summer litter. Taking deposits now. My puppies sell so quickly the best way to get on is to send a deposit to be placed on the waiting list.  Please email me at for pictures and more info.